I watched in shock the video of Tonto’s son repeatedly hitting her backside while she talked about the cost of her bum. Now this woman stands for all kinds of things and has people who look up to her and love her.  Let us take away her many different sagas and scandals online and face this very issue at hand.

If not that our morals are in the gutters, why would a child be so emboldened to be hitting his mothers backside as a form of play.

Children take lessons by example, so should it be shocking for any reason if her son decided to hit someone’s backside while in school?

Is this how to raise a responsible man?

It is easy to turn a blind eye and not be vocal about issues, but remember that your kids will mix with the kids of these parents who do the most, they live in the same society and born in the same generation, it gets to concern us one way or the other.

Call what is inappropriate the name it is without fear. A child lacks the filter to differentiate between right and wrong and needs guidance. This is no guidance. But what do I know, I’m just here to look at everything through a moral lens.


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