Dearly Beloved! I have gathered you here today to tell you that every decision you take in this life and stick with will come with gains and pains.

Wetin I mean be say, for this life as you choose your choose on any matter, your decision go come with some kain wahala and e go also come with some kain better.

Here’s the gist. Take notes.

📝If you chose celibacy, meaning abstinence from sex till the right time for the sake of following God’s instructions and purity. Your body will test you, temptations around will test you, you will deal with the most unbelievable thoughts, you will almost lose your mind on some days. Yes I talk morals here, but I acknowledge our human side and needs. You are choosing to tame a side of you that submits to lust. While that may be hard, that decision also helps you avoid a lot of bullsh*t and mess that comes with giving your body to people, it helps you see people clearly because no intimacy is involved, you get to be more focused on your life and release abundance and certain blessings. Argue with your ancestors biko, but I strongly believe sexual laxity blocks certain good things from flowing to you, if you think everything blessings has to do with only material things, sorry durleen, you are not thinking straight. Finally, choosing celibacy saves you from STDs and unwanted babies who didn’t ask you to bring them down here.

📝If you decide to marry somebody you’ll deal with their beautiful side and a side you may not have even known was there, the not so great side. You’ll have the benefit of enjoying love and good company, maybe a more financially stable life because you don’t have to deal with it alone, but you also chose the wahala of carrying their own human baggage with yours, like their bad habits or something from the past they’ve done that comes back to hunt you both. You may deal with who they’ll wake up and become tomorrow, with this funny world we are in shey your partner no fit wake up talk say “I now identify as a woman or man.” But will you still take a decision to get married? Yes! Because Love is worth it. Innit?

📝If you chose to carry a pregnancy, you know that your body will change forever, you will now have a little human to take care of, less time for yourself. A difficult point to note but you may fear even dying from the pregnancy, yes pregnancy is a big deal people. You don’t even know what the kid will grow up to be, some people have given birth to their enemies as children BUT the joys are – you get to see the beauty of new life come through you, you may be the parent to the kid who’s going to change the world on a massive level, you get to have a friend and companion in your own child.

📝If you chose to exercise, at first, your body may be like “No please, leave me alone.” You will have aches for a while, but you will start enjoying better health, back pain issues, gone. Breathing issues, gone! Stamina, better! A stronger body and a sharper mind plus if you wanted to lose weight you start seeing results.

📝Every decision, even as little as getting up to wash those plates comes with pains and gains.

If you read this far, drop in the comments section the average number of decisions a person is said to take each day.


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