Okay so you are a single mother, you are feeling depressed, annoyed, frustrated. Don’t forget God chose a woman to bear a Man that will bring a great message to the world her name is Maryam, Mary, Maria as different faiths call her. Even the people thought she had brought dishonor to the land, herself and her family when she showed up with an infant until that infant began to speak. Channel your energy to raising great kids, it was not easy for Mary either, especially when life just happened and you found yourself here.
Lut also known as Lot had a spouse that didn’t listen to God’s instructions, so she perished, Pharoah had a good wife more compassionate than he could ever be. Sometimes, how your partner turns out is not your fault or burden to carry, you can only try to pick right, people will still choose their path.
Job also known as Ayub suffered loss and endured illness for years, but through it all, he was patient and hopeful on God. Be hopeful and patient in your illness, it’s not a choice you made, just a situation you found yourself. It will pass.
Nuhu same as Noah informed the people to listen to the warnings of God or they will perish in the flood, even the closest to him, maybe even his blood didn’t listen. You may find disobedience from those you love the most and you may find you are passing a message you know is true but some people will still choose to be heedless.
Zachariah and his wife had a child in advanced old age, which means they dealt with childlessness for years. But when it was time, it was time.
Waiting is hard, no doubt but you are not alone in anything you are going through, Men and Women picked by God himself went through trials and many others in the history of the world have gone through what you are going through. So you are not hated, you are not being denied, you are not cursed. Depend on the One who has knowledge of all things and remain hopeful, we are only passing through this life on a journey, every single breathing human being has trials.
Thanks for reading and I hope your heart is relieved of any burden holding it down this fine morning. 💯🌞