Many organizations, Individuals are focused on Women empowerment, Career Development. Women have more safe havens they can run to if they are are in trouble.

What about our Men? Who is teaching the man he can be more? Who is teaching him about they potentials sitting inside him yet untapped?
Who is teaching our men how to be proper men, true gentlemen and true leaders?

This is why we have set out on this mission, to not only mentor young men on key topics that can make them better people, but we are taking it a step further by providing skills they will learn which can earn them a living.

This event will take place in November and December in Abuja. The topics to be treated during the mentorship sessions will happen on the 4 Saturdays in November starting from 7th November the first Saturday in November to the last Saturday 28th November. Note, that this is only on Saturdays.

Skill acquisition will be in the 2nd week of December. Refer to banner for more details.

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I’m up on a cold rainy morning 🌧️ to write this post. If una no come read am, my eye go red. Hehe!

Since 2012 I’ve taken up jobs, and sometimes in between I’ve freelanced. 2012 till now is definitely not less than 7 years. Why I’m I telling you this? So you can know and be sure I know what I’m trying to say here.

I’ve worked at different jobs, I’ve sent out hundreds of applications when job searching, I’ve made it to the final stages of tough and long interview processes and still got a NO and I’ve gotten some YES too. I’ve also had to look at people’s applications. So what I’m saying here is what I’ve seen in CVs.

Before I take you through some of the things I’m telling you to kick out of your CV I’ll give you a background as to why. Trying to get people to fill positions in an organization is tough, it’s a lot of work. Imagine receiving hundreds of applications and it’s people who have to look through it all. The people looking at your application are scanning very fast with their eyes to catch the relevant information on your CV that will tell them if you are a potential candidate for the job. So you want to use that space well and give them on point information, not irrelevant things. Try to keep your CV within 2pages.

📌 Except you are applying to a Faith centered organization at any time, your RELIGION is not relevant. Take it out of your CV. Serious companies that just want you to deliver your expertise do not care about your religion. The ones that carry -religio-for-head will frustrate your life and still barely pay you well, especially small private businesses or organizations.

📌 Full date of birth or date of birth entirely. Why? You want us to know you are young or too old for the job? Or maybe you want us wishing you happy birthday and send over a gift. You get the sarcasm?

📌 Your hobbies. Who e epp? Take that out. Instead you can place your core skills there. Nobody really cares if you like football or party jollof.

📌 Tweak your CV to relate to a new position you are applying to, if in the past you were once a Chef at a hotel, then that role is irrelevant to maybe an engineering job. They want to see your past experiences that relate to the new position you are applying for. Don’t just list experiences for the sake of it.

📌Your state of Origin. Marital status are irrelevant and putting them even harms your chances. Remember real people are looking at these most times, so what if your towns people have been annoying the person now looking at your CV and seeing where you are from just annoys them more and so your CV is trashed. That’s not a logical thing to do, but our human emotions get in the way, so don’t put any info that could make someone biased to you in a certain way, even if it’s in a way you think might be positive.

📌Only write languages you speak if it’s relevant to the job. Or international languages like French, Arabic, Chinese. Just listing languages you speak wastes space.

Use your own wisdom to understand when to apply these rules. In every thing there are always some grey areas.

Now do you know sometimes it’s a system called ATS that’s used to sift out CVs before real people look at them. There is a way to make this system easily pick your entry as a potential candidate.

Do you know there are couple of ways to gather work experience right after school than waiting forever on a job?

Do you know that sometimes your application never even reaches the organization, because you believe you sent it through the right channel but NO, you didn’t. There are secrets to not missing your target.

How many of you even know I have an e-book on The Moral Code blog titled JOB HUNT LIKE A PRO which answers these questions above and shares many tips to being more efficient in your job search. Visit the book section of the blog Here to find it.

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I can say 90% of people asked I write about this topic. Las Las we all like money, so long we pursue it the healthy and legitimate way. So in no particular order, here are money lessons I’ve learned and still learning, because mistakes will still be made on this journey. Working people can learn from it. Business owners can learn and just about anyone else.

📌Don’t borrow money from one person to help another person. Except you have a source for sure to pay back in case the borrower delays or fails. Bottom line is don’t even do this, if you no get, you no get be that. Because you will become the new debtor and have to deal with paying back money you didn’t even use.

📌Save money. This is an ever green rule, save by paying yourself first, from your salary or whatever you earn from business. Whatever you save will save you in emergencies, will help you pursue an investment opportunity that may pop up, hence you multiply your money. Saving money will save you. You can save for emergencies, or save towards a specific investment, like buying a car for transport business to bring you more.

📌Don’t do business with extremely close friends or family except there is a solid agreement and a lawyer present. If you refuse to learn this one by following reading, you might have to learn by experience, just know that your relationship with these people may end up destroyed forever. Because I can’t even begin to tell you how money puts us all to test, the person you think you know will become a complete stranger because money is involved.

📌Don’t dabble in businesses you don’t understand or sound too good to be true. I’ve lost one 80k somewhere that I’ll probably never get back, I went for it because I felt the person who told me about it knew enough about it for me to follow, but Alas! Most importantly, don’t take a loan for a business you don’t understand especially businesses you can’t really hold anyone accountable, no leader, mentor or people who have tried and can direct you.

📌To get something, give something. If you are newly employed somewhere or even been there for a while. Do give your superiors something new from time to time, that way you can ask for a raise, get a promotion or move on to a better place because you have a lot to give and you are important. The more you know and put into practice, the more you can earn.

📌Show what you have done for yourself and you will easily find help. Don’t be a give me, give me, person, once you have showed what you have done for yourself, people will be happy to invest in you. I know someone who saved money for his masters and needed a little to complete it, he got it easily, because his helpers were impressed with how much he had saved from the stipends gotten from Npower program. I know another who saved up money running into 100k during her service year, she wanted to buy a camera of about 180k, but her helper was so impressed when she asked for help that he told her to keep her 100k and he bought her the camera.

📌Money should serve you, you don’t serve money. Some people just hoard money, they don’t use it. Even on themselves, let alone on others. Living like a pauper while you are stashing money away. You’ll still lose it one day, don’t worship money like that, when you hoard it with no goal in mind, you are a slave to it. Yes, there are real human beings who behave like this.

📌As a business owner or service provider, radically publicize what you do through every medium and platform available. BUT know this, marketing and advertising may not instantly bring you a huge sale, but has placed what you do before the eyes of many more who will save your advert and could reach you later for that big sale or contract. And don’t be ashamed of your hustle, face front. The people who don’t see value will ask you how you are doing it later.

📌Money can be learned about. And some people are not just noise makers, they do know some laws about how money works, and are teaching people. Find them, pay for their whatsapp classes, coaching classes or courses. It’s worth it.

📌That some cannot afford a product or service you offer at a certain price does not make you expensive, they simply can’t afford it and you should learn not to drop your prices based on people’s emotions, as long as you are not being ridiculous compared to your competitors. You can also make it affordable for them by offering a system that makes it affordable, an example is installment payment.

📌Learn to budget. This should be easier for salary earners, because you have a structure for when you receive money. You should know what you are spending on before the month ends. You can’t just receive money and in a week it’s all gone. Budget for your savings, your transport or fuel money, something to keep you going during the month for little things like recharge and data. Keep these in different accounts if possible. The cloth you saw last month which you wanted. Buy it the next month as added in your budget, any extra change you have at the end of the month, reward yourself for a month of hard work by doing whatever you like with it.

📌Study the life of people in your field or business who you believe are successful. Reach out to them for guidance if possible, you can learn faster from people by understanding their mistakes and avoiding them, though your own journey will be unique too.

📌Keep yourself in view of those who have invested in you, and have influence. They are your pathways to opportunities to make money. Keep in touch and serve them willingly, you’ll be on their mind when a good opportunity comes dancing azonto.

📌 Attend events where you’ll meet people ahead in life, even if you have to pay to be at such events. There is a reason the higher class roll with the higher class. They think alike.

📌Don’t tell just anyone how much you earn. Believe me they’ll start calculating your expenses for you and justify why they believe you ought to give them something or anything anytime they ask.

📌If you are really good at what you do. Find competitions locally and internationally you can enter, you can win money or tools for your trade. I once won a laptop, which served me for many years. The worth of the laptop was not less that 120k at the the time. I always need to work with a laptop and almost needed another when l won that one. You can win good money if you look at competitions around what you do.

📌Stop ignoring your thoughts. You can achieve the things your mind whisper to you if you just stop doubting everything. In our thoughts lie opportunities for us to break out of average. In our thoughts lie great ideas. In your thoughts are answers for you on how to make a some more money. Start listening and acting.

📌Attach time frames to achieving your plans it keeps you disciplined and focused. Don’t keep your money plans open ended. Do you want to save up to achieve something, decide how much and for how long. Otherwise, 10 years later you are still planning and trying and maybe blaming village people.

📌Have one account you make less accessible. No bank app or ATM for it. Money can easily go in, but not easily come out.

📌Finally and a very important point to have at the back of our minds. Not all of us will be exceedingly rich, famous or influential. There are many famous people who are broke, there others who are rich and around you, but you barely know them. Not a lot of people know Cosmos Maduka. Yet he’s one of the richest in Nigeria. Some people also just have influence, they can move a whole nation to act, though that comes with some money too.

Back to the main point, what we should absolutely strive to achieve is a life where we can meet our basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Once this is achieved, we strive to have a little more than extra for other wants, a car, some emergency savings, and we can finally become people without money problems, meaning we are comfortable enough to pull out money for just about anything including the needs of those around us. If destiny, the Universe, God, picks us that we will be exceptional like Oprah, or Dangote with companies, fame and more, then great. This post was just to give pointers that actually work, maybe not instantly. Because many probably stopped reading because they are looking for get rich quick points. I don’t have. Hehe! If that was me too, I won’t be here writing this, because I wouldn’t have learned this too.

I hope you gained some value reading this. Now help me with a little something in return, vote a film which I entered for a competition. In less than a minute you’ll be done. Use the link below. Do confirm your email by checking your mail so that your vote for me can count. Thanks in advance as you do so.…/submissions/makaranta/qXnqz9

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Woke up to a message from a friend telling me to check out a trending topic trending on twitter around a name, Glory Osei. He’d wanted me to see it and had related it to somewhere we had both worked, but I also didn’t hurry there as twitter isn’t one of my top go-to social media platform. But as the day rolled by, I started seeing bits of the topic here and there and I had to go look. There was really a lot to digest, the painful to read, the funny and the out rightly ridiculous.

From the Glory Osei & Muyiwa saga, here are some take home lessons from the saga.


One young writer of 20 shared how he left his former city of residence and moved to Lagos. Rented an apartment, was happy to work for said Muyiwa, basically worshiped him and looked for his approval, yet young dude got sacked 3 months later. This drove him into depression, he returned home a battered person. Yet he still called Muyiwa his Idol. Guy abeg, you can’t still be attached your abuser, that’s Stockholm syndrome.


You may continue to wallow in that wrong doing, thinking you’ll continue to get away with it, but not forever. Suddenly everyone woke up to a trending topic, and that could be you. You could trend for a bad or good thing, it’s up to you. Keep abusing someone in private, abusing the rights of people, whatever it is your cup does get full.


How can 90% of working conditions and terms in this country be so ridiculous? How can abusers in high places, who say they are bosses or employers, keep getting away with evil? We need so many laws to correct many anomalies in our society, laws that are actually implemented against erring persons.


It is indeed true that there is hardly any topic in the Nigerian context that has not been posted at a time or the other on Nairaland, one of the things that’s important to do is research a company that will likely give you employment. Adding Nairaland to your Google search will lead you to finding threads where the said company must have been discussed. The OseiMuyiwa tactics had been apparently discussed on Nairaland, but many would have still fallen into the trap from not being aware.


The experiences shared and being shared daily is just sad, how can you be blessed enough to employ people, yet chose to exploit them, abuse them, destroy them, give them hope and snatch it right back, for no good reasons. Why should I be employed as a front desk officer and still go to your house to cook fried rice, and teach your kids lesson? So many ridiculous things. The government is not only the problem, we are our own problem.


Name and shame that leader in your area that’s an unrepentant exploiter, name and shame the corrupt politicians, name and shame the rapist, the pedophile, the bad boss, the bad employee, after all some employees too are from hell, let’s keep up with the naming and shaming, maybe one day we will come to know the majority who are not worth our time.


Stay in your house and don’t take that shitty job, or it will make you a more broken person than before you took the job. Because the truth is, irrespective of all that has been said of this couple, someone somewhere is getting ready to take their job. Being thirsty for just anything is exactly how you get poisoned.


How can two people how are a couple become famous for being scammers, deceivers and oppressive employers? How do they live with themselves? Answer is because they are birds of a feather.


How and why should we find a religious leader involved in corrupt acts? They are contradicting what they preach. Why are so called radical feminists very far form their own messages? How can someone who is famous in the public space for being a fighter of the right of others be the same person who oppresses his own employers? People sometimes pass a message not because it is from their inner person or actual passion, but because it is an act that sells, it is convenient at the time and for some they corrupted along the line. The do not learn to live above their demons.

We are not sure Glory Osei & Muyiwa will turn a new leaf or can even be bothered to, some people are set in their greedy, selfish and wicked ways, nothing changes them, we can only hope youths do not keep falling into the hands of exploiters.

Watch this piece titled BAD BOSSES, BAD EMPLOYERS




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