Sex is now so cheap it is like purchasing bread! Ladies having multiple abortions for multiple men!
Unmarried partners cohabiting! Playboys thinking they are the bomb while they father many dead children known and unknown!

I expect silly questions like Are you a saint? Are you a virgin? “Don’t judge” and all those cliche questions and comments the morally heedless love to ask to make themselves feel better.

A child should not pay the price for your behavior. Babies terminated in a gruesome manner. They didn’t ask anyone to indulge in sexual laxity and bring them to life. If you thought and think abortion is no big deal, maybe this could help you think. Maybe this would help you close your legs, maybe this would help you remember that you could also die in the process.

Maybe this could help you understand that the skull of a baby is crushed to get it out of you…

Maybe. Many will remain heedless but some will listen.

Have a good view of what really goes on when you abort a baby you took in for a few minutes of pleasure. Before you come attacking, make sure you have watched the full video.


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