My people, I bring you story as shared by one Omalicha that I admire her sense. She say make I share give una for here.

So a friend told our omalicha say her cousin dey find job. Let’s call omalicha Mati. Luckily an opening came up somewhere, the place is Mati’s current work colleague’s former office.

So they send cousin who needs job over, as per we refer this person for this job. On arrival, cousin while sitting in reception asks receptionist for remote and gallantly, boldly, changed station to BB NAIJA. As receptionist too like the program na, she no talk, they both watched. Till a staff, probably a senior one walks past and asks who changed the station, as a receptionist you sef go Wan receive query or lose your job? Madam receptionist quickly point finger o, say na Miss interview collect remote change am.

So now, interview panel were not impressed by her behavior, maybe amongst other things she might have done and now she might lose the opportunity. Friend is now begging Mati to please help her cousin, her cousin is 33 and really needs a job. That she behaves like this because it’s like they are following her, una get wetin she mean as per village people things. Looolz!

As The Moral Code along with those who think alike, here is our analysis of this situation.

That at a job interview, your primary concern is to impress those you have come to see. You are meant to use your time to read about the company know who is who. Maybe engage the receptionist in useful conversations.

That even if a smelly show like BB Naija just happens to be a guilty indulgence for you, proper conduct and manners demands that you don’t do certain things in certain places. As a new Comer somewhere, you want to take over the place.

First impression really does matter, and this lady murdered her own first impression, she shattered it. She told her potential employers that she lacks the codes of proper behavior. She told them she doesn’t have her priorities straightened out. She told them if employed, her first mission in life will be BB NAIJA, she’s those workers who just want to come sit at an office have fun and collect salaries. Baba Buhari you called yoots lazy. You were right sir, some yoooots (deliberate spelling) are beyond lazy.

Our friend who shared this message is no longer obligated to render anymore help or talk to any person on her behalf. When I shared 20 money lessons here, I said help yourself first, then show people what you have done for yourself and they will be happy to help you further. This madam received help and threw it all away.

Be careful who you refer, now imagine you referring someone for a job and they go and mess up like this. Imagine you are even their reference. Then you receive call on phone that goes “eskweez ma, are you the reference for so and so, she has absconded with office TV and a small fridge, we need you to come and write a report at the police station, because the address she gave us was fake”

To those that want to keep living their lives without direction. Without Moral Codes. Continue, make the job of the village people easier. Because some people have read this and will still be like WHAT’S THERE?

Thanks for reading.

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