This is a story that can be an eye opener to helping us understand that beyond the general causes of suicidal or depressing thoughts, something biological and physical could be the cause of the problem.

It’s World Suicide Prevention Day. In Naija, we are quick to joke about depression and suicide saying things like, you are not depressed, you are just broke, and alert will cure your depression and all those things we say.

However, if we look closely, Suicide is really a growing problem that we are seeing happening in our society every day. It is no longer a white man’s problem.

While for some, they really have underlying serious issues leading them to be suicidal, such as extreme hardship, difficulties, an inability to handle negative events, or other major life trauma they had experienced at some point, there could be many also who have passed away on account of what really ailed them never being discovered as you will learn from this short story.

I saw this shared on social media sometime back, over 2 years now, and the story amazed me. So since it’s World Suicide Prevention Day, it is a good time to share with others.

So this teenage boy, let’s call him Ranjeet was living away from India with his mother. He suddenly started exhibiting weird behavior in school and at home, he was hardly smiling anymore, he would draw images of him killing himself or killing others, his bevaiour became so troubling that his mother was terribly worried, she called his uncle who was a doctor living in a different country, the uncle suggested hospital visits. The usual anti-depressants were administered, yet no improvements. He wasn’t even smiling anymore.

The uncle kept getting a nagging intuition to ask his nephew have his brain scanned, and he decided to suggest so, he asked Ranjeet’s mother to get a brain scan for him.


Ranjeet had a tumor growing in the part of his brain where emotions that were positive, that had to do with joy , laughter etc was. The tumor had almost covered that entire part of his brain. So that was the problem . He wasn’t just evil, something was causing his depression and suicidal thoughts.

His uncle searched for a doctor who would be willing to perform a surgery on his nephew, many turned it down saying it was complex, but when the case came before a well-known neurosurgeon, he was ready to do the surgery.

Long story short, Ranjeets uncle was present for the surgery, it was a success and when Ranjeet opened his eyes for the first time after the surgery and saw his mother and uncle, he smiled! Something they hadn’t seen him do in a while.

Tumor gone, depression and suicidal thoughts gone.

In summary, in a country like Nigeria, we might have resorted to fasting and prayer. Resorted to believing he is possessed by an evil spirit or that he is just a bad child.

This story in particular is quite amazing at it reveals something beyond the ordinary.

Well, we keep learning every day.

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  1. Oh my God! My though exactly when, i said he needed delivarance from demons. I thank God the uncle thought of the brain scan, if not he would have become mad. Maybe we need to scan the brains of all our mad people in the street.

  2. It might have been a different oucome here in Nigeria not necessarily because of our health and belief systems but because we have become so engrossed with ourselves and ‘surviving the harsh economy’ that we barely have ‘enough’ to help the other person.
    Sadly, most who committed suicide, are depressed or ran mad would have been alive or sane today if we cared enough to share our smile with them

    1. Indeed, little efforts can help us all. The society is becoming increasingly selfish, values of love and selflessness dying out.

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