Opinion Piece by Fisayomi Akintolure.

Have I ever mentioned that a woman needs sense more than she needs money? Yeah, a million times and I wouldn’t stop!

No amount of money can make up for ratchet behavior. In both male and female.

I’ve seen so many low life chance upon wealth and begin to make you almost detest money. E.G Burna boy, Mercy BBN, Tacha BBN,Cardi B and majority of Nigeria and America’s celebrities.

One thing I’ve also noticed while following Black American blogs on social media is that: those people are razz, half literate, unexposed, selective in their fight for justice and racism, dramatic and ratchet again.

Money can’t buy class. As a matter of fact it exposes the dirt in you and shows just how much of a low life you are. No school of polish and etiquette can completely fix it.

Now let’s go back to females; how on earth do you die or or go to jail for a man who isn’t worth seeing your panties?

Over a decade ago, I watched an episode of Tyra Bank’s show and she talked about a series she’d done on females in prison. A large percentage of them were there because of the men in their lives. They’d either committed a crime for him or on him, after they could not endure his shit or abuse anymore.

Some were abused by their mother’s boyfriend and were forced to kill him because she didn’t believe them each time they told her. Some killed the men who abused their kids. Some went to jail for men who were on the run.
Some were introduced to drugs, drinks and drive by, by men they supposedly fell in love with.

Let’s come down to Nigeria.
I’ve seen and heard countless stories of women in marriage, beaten and psychologically abused by their husbands, but stay put because the title of “mrs” is worth more than their lives and self esteem. I’ve seen men who aren’t worth being another person’s slave, subjugate a female till he lords over her.

I know of a house keeper whose husband demands her salary is paid into his account and each time her boss refuses, the animal calls to say “Anty, we never see our salary this month o”. He decides how it’s spent and uses his own meager income from his labor job for drinks and sleazy women.

Fisayomi Akintolure is a teacher with over 15 years of experience, she’s passionate about public speaking and wants to see a world where everyone is treated equally. Not about females. But everyone. She believes Feminists has concentrated so much and lend so much voice to females they’re beginning to empower them to cheat the males. Females use their sexuality when it works. They want to get away with certain things cos they’re females. In her words “I don’t buy into that school of thought. We need a world that’s equal for all.”

The Moral Code will be sharing her an opinion pieces.

  1. I like the ability of the writer to voice out but I’m not sure the caption addressed any problems especially the subject matter of women needing sense than money. It was more of a lash out.

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