The reason earth is earth and life is life is because by observation, by experience, we know that there’s no smooth sailing.

We know good times and bad times take turns in our lives, everything might just be going good and suddenly you are hit by one bad news that could feel like your world has toppled over. On the other hand, you might just be at your lowest and a visit, a phone call would turn everything around for good.

So what are the trials of life and how can we be better prepared to manage and handle them.


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The healthiest of persons suddenly come down with unexpected illnesses. Kidney failure, Cancer, Liver problems. Some will battle this problems for the rest of their lives some will die from it due to lack of funds to help them get their health back. We have all likely had people we know around us, who died from illnesses like this.

Sometimes we are not the ones directly affected by failing health, we deal with loved ones who suddenly have failing health, and the family becomes burdened with the emotional stress and financial stress of taking care of that person.

Let’s not forget medical emergencies too suddenly spring out of nowhere.

How to manage this – Having emergency funds for any eventualities. Having health insurance. Avoiding the likelihood of being prone to ill health in the first place through eating right, exercising and avoiding a toxic life generally.


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When relationships between couples fail, you hear people begin to ask, didn’t they court, didn’t you see the signs?

Again, we have to make reference to the fact that life is unpredictable, maybe a certain character trait is yet to exhibit itself due to circumstances around you e.g. Coming by some wealth or losing all wealth then you see that partner exhibiting strange behaviors which end up affecting the union.

How to manage this – It still remains important to study a potential partner well, to learn not to ignore the red flags, to observe them under different situations, in moments of anger, moments of plenty, moments of pain how do they behave? Know what you can endure and know when to take your exit. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

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Anyone who has given their loyalty and trusted but got betrayed understand perfectly the pain of betrayal. Betrayal from a family member, from a spouse, a friend, a colleague. It hurts us and leaves a mark for quite a long time. We sometimes can’t trust again, we build walls, we push even the good and honest people away from us, and some people decide to become monsters who hurt other people because someone once betrayed them. Trust and loyalty are precious things, when we give it we expect it back, when it’s broken, it breaks us too.

How to manage this – Trusting with caution and not too early. Learning not to shove off questionable behavior till it becomes too late. Most importantly, understanding we can’t control what others do, but how we react is most important, protect your peace.


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Wealthy great people do come to some misfortune. It’s stupid to think anyone is made for life, abeg which life? This same life wey all of us dey inside so?

Anything at all can happen. People make bad financial decisions and lose everything, people lose their assets to natural or man made disasters.

How to manage this – Having good savings. Helping people who need you in your period of plenty for they can lift you up in your moment of loss. Patiently waiting it out and making efforts to regain lost wealth.


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You are waiting to get a job, to get married, to have a child, to get your health back, to get that visa. You are dejected and just waiting endlessly. The wait seems infinite sometimes hopeless. We’ve all been there. Waiting for something.

How to manage this – Increase Hope. Look for plan Bs. Your plan A is why you keep waiting, so what can you replace with for now to ease your wait? e.g take a lesser job while waiting for your dream job, maybe you could adopt a child or look for other modern day solutions to this child you want, maybe you could try going to a different country since the one you got your eyes on isn’t coming through.

Set your moral codes, values, principles, manners and more right.

  1. Wow! Such an enlightening post. All the trials are valid. Though we can’t control so many things we face in life. In the end, with faith in God and by his grace and mercy, we overcome whatever trial may come our way. Amen.

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