So we think it’s bad, but what if this was how it all played out?

What if it’s our homes we could not stay in? what if Coronavirus attacked the walls and our homes became a trap instead of the haven it is for us now? What if we had to make tents outside and everything inside the house we once lived in became useless, contaminated, dangerous?

The people who are still actively in business include farmers and food related services, most of us handling the Lockdown well are those of us with means to still to feed without stepping out. But what if Coronavirus attacked the farmlands of the world and even food became poison, how easy would it have been to manage?

What if it was our waters as ocean and seas the virus attacked leaving most of life in the waters dead and many years for us to deal with dead bodies from water life? Or what if it attacked our sources of water leaving us with barely anything to drink?

What if it left people out of their minds forever once they contact it?

I’m not a harbinger of doom. I am optimistic that the gloomy cloud over the world will be lifted by the Lord of the worlds soon. BUT these what ifs are why we should remember every cloud’s silver lining. We should remember the good in what appears bad. We should remember it could have been worse. We should be grateful for what is, while pray and make efforts it all goes away.

When it’s over and we can breathe without fear, we’ll appreciate better the little things like stepping out when we want, like being able to hug our friends, families, receive guests without fear, because for the first time in our own lives the one way we could show people love was to stay away from them. Wonderful!

Again I say these are just my musings to remind us if it wasn’t like this, there are worse things.

Picture was from 2018 when I visited Lagos after over 20 years I was in Lagos last. We visited the beach because I had childhood memories of the Lagos beach. It was beautiful.

Thanks for reading. I’m Maryam Abdulrasheed the convener of The Moral Code. I love to think, read and write. I love observing and listening to people, I love creating content. I am an active pursuer of my dreams.

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