I’ve had series of other topics to talk about in my Musings here, but hard as I try, I couldn’t come around to writing them with my heart completely in those topics. It had to be this, it just had to be this.

We’ve heard them ask Uwa why she was reading in a church, after all there’s been Lockdown, why was she alone? Even though this time rape was accompanied with murder. We still encouraged it by asking stupid questions.

When the rape accusation is against your pastor or your imam, because you have turned men to god, you blame the victim, because these “men of God” can do no wrong in your eyes, but when it’s about other people, you carry placard. When you select who gets justice, or should face the law for your own personal reasons, you encourage rape and you are a wicked person. A just person is fair to all irrespective of who’s ox is gorged.

When you as a man know your fellow man has committed rape and you keep quiet in the name of bro code, no snitching, you encourage rape.

When a woman knows her husband is abusing someone under her roof like the case of Ochanya who also died, she gives rape many great opportunities. Some women still stay in marriages where their husbands are abusing their own child.

When a Hauwa Ujeifo comes out to speak at UN conferences, on public platforms about her rape story as a woman in hijab. The “so called” Muslim men come to tell her, her hijab wasn’t hijab enough, she should not have mixed with men. She should accept it as her fate and destiny. This is how the Muslims encourage rape. For I want you Muslims especially to open your ears and eyes as you read this, in trying to appear modest and sound all religious, we sound stupid, stupid when we blame the victims, rape is happening in the Muslim homes too, and incest rape. Don’t quote verses out of context. Rape is an extreme crime against the victim. All rules of modesty apply to both the male and females, and is this how you carry out your God given mandate to protect women?

When you say “I’m not saying rape is good o, but…” but what? You are a rape apologist and you are encouraging rape.

When you say, some indulge in rape for fun and you say many have done it in the past, what are you telling us? It would have been better such nonsense never made it out of your mouth. Fun to you has destroyed someone else forever. Stop letting every stupid opinion in your mind come out of your mouth.

When you joke about rape, laugh about rape, when the police do not take these cases seriously nor the law, when you ask why the victim didn’t come out to speak since and only came out later, when Men who know what is right chose to be silent about rape issues. Then that is encouraging rape to continue.

When the parents keep eyes on their daughters and teach them how to be proper, but never their sons, the sons act as they like, then they could have a potential rapist under their roof.

Decent women consider their bodies very precious to them, they don’t give themselves away to just anyone. So rape destroys a woman, and takes a part of her that can never return.

Everything mentioned here was said at one time or the other and observed on social media. We are not ready yet. What needs to happen drastically before we listen and change? When will change even come, when the whole nation itself is a whole mass of corruption. Tiring and sad.

May it never be okay with those who rape and those who justify it for them. May it not be okay with them on earth or in the heavens as long as they remain adamantly in that evil path. If you cannot say AMEN with all your chest. That’s your life’s problem.

Finally, fixing this is our collective effort needed. It’s not about women barking at men and blaming them, this is a collective failure of all of us, so we must tackle it completely.

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