I’m not always quick to watch new movies whilst the rave and rant about them is ongoing, but I guess I made an exception of Kunle Afolayan’s latest titled CITATION. So straight to the point, these are what I believe are some of the Moral and Ethical lessons from the movie and how the boundaries you don’t set can destroy your life.

That it remains true we must be ethical in our relationships, draw lines set boundaries. There are places unnecessary familiarities are not needed. The lecturer and the student, the religious leaders and their followers, the boss and the staff. Move away from anything that tempts you into wrong doing, move away physically and mentally.
The main character proves that in truth being very young can make you very naïve. There are some things that only experiences and the passing of years can help you gain wisdom on. You could be young and intelligent not necessarily very wise and experienced to win with a sly person or to handle the complications of life.
Sometimes we tolerate the evil we see in people, maybe because we continue to see the good in them which isn’t there or we pretend to be there, or because we just want them around. As with the main characters friendship relationship with Ini Edo who proved to truly not be a good friend.
That even the the devil can look like an angel and people only show different parts of themselves to different people.
Manipulators and abusers have a set pattern of behavior. It’s important not to ignore patterns, or what they say and the behaviors they exhibit.
All your degrees and so called educational qualifications do not define your moral uprightness. A poor man in his small village can have a better moral compass, principles and values than someone who is well educated and widely traveled.

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