Moyo Lawal continues to trend for very vulgar and obscene reasons. She’s bares all for the public and keeps trying to prove she does not care what anybody thinks. What exactly is the appeal for women where they continue to respond to their urges of going almost naked publicly? Does she not have anyone at all, a Mother, a Father, a guide, good friends who can call her to order?

How are people able to boldly call God on things where His instructions are clear, direct and straightforward? Well, Moyo Lawal should remember everything you do, will stand against you before God, they will stand as witnesses against you, just like these pictures she is always so happy to share.

In the Quran and Bible are clear verses about modest, proper dressing. Trashy can never be classy even if you wear a crown on your head or call yourself a queen. Young ladies, know your role models, Young men, stop encouraging ladies into stupidity when they share questionable pictures and you go drooling all over their pages.

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