This aunty has said what many may still not have the wisdom to understand, they will still ask, what has this got to do with DNA testing? What has it got to do with this and that? We refuse to connect the dots and understand the ripple effects of a society strung up on wanton sex. After you have spent your youth lying with different bodies, even deceiving people to be in bed with them, you now want to settle down to a life of monogamy, karma may be dished to you through the partner you decide to settle with, then you will cry foul play, forgetting the history of your own life.

This is just on an individual level, on a societal level are the individuals we breed who will grow up and have very twisted and confused minds when they find out the scandals their parents were involved in, when they find out they were passed off as one man’s child when they actually belonged to another. Mental health issues afflicts them and the result is an even more sick society.

We are really in trouble, corruption in different forms, in our regular every day lives, we refuse to kick out corruption, yet we say we want the nation to change and we want the leaders to change. Sad.


So below is the excerpt from Your Rich Auntie @adejokewrites as posted on Twitter.

I see a lot of back & forth about DNA test and I just laugh. A generation that has built everything about itself on sex is fighting over DNA. You guys are really funny, you meet someone today & that very night you guys end up in bed.

You sleep with everyone you meet, to you it’s nothing, it’s part of the Constitution of our generation. When you’re dating someone, it’s a written law that sex must be part of the equation. When you & your friends meet, your rate each other sexual prowess, and body count.

All the songs we listen to are sexual in nature, music videos nko, sexually explicit, the most read articles are all on sex. And if one has a contrary opinion, you dare not say it. No one wants to hear no premarital sex or waiting for marriage You’ll be dragged, insulted & questioned if you dare say, you’re waiting till marriage.

Now the consequences of your actions are coming out, you’re crying. What did you expect when you used all your single years to sleep around? You think it’ll just stop? Because you’re now married? Kolewerk. If you planted fornication, you’ll reap adultery in full. Many of you are caring for kids, not yours, but you don’t know. This is just the beginning. What we’re seeing now is small, konitu sleeping around.



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