I HATED the house my sister & I first lived in Abuja! The roads were untarred! My Neighbors were not the kind of Neigbours I wanted to wake up close to. They were nice people but I didn’t like it.
I got a job where I earned about 50k after tax it became 45k! It was just enough to sustain us! Then I got a side job as a website administrator where I got paid 50k. I got paid twice & still never told my sister about the new side job!
One night after drinking garri with cold water & groundnut! Filled up but not satisfied, I told my sister in a very calm tone. Mimi! Do you know that Mrs xxxx pays me 50k monthly and I have been paid 2 months already expecting the third payment in 2 days.
UYY she screamed! IT’S A LIE! There is no way you have up to 100k in the account and we are suffering and drinking garri. I laughed at my sister’s obvious reaction! I showed her my bank statement for another account I opened for this money. She screamed louder! UYY this is suffering & wickedness. I laughed harder. My sister is so predictable! No wonder I didn’t tell her from onset! I knew what her reaction will be.
I told her to imagine I never had the side job because that money wasn’t going to be touched! I was saving it for us to get a better apartment & the balance to invest.
I sat her down & explained my plan to her. In 12 months that money will no longer be 50k but 600k. We will take 250k & rent a more comfortable apartment! Use about 100k to furnish it! Take 50k to spend during Christmas and invest the rest.
I didn’t know anything about financial management! Of course my budgeting will have been different! If I knew about financial literacy! At the end of the year I would have gotten 1 million instead of 600k but never the less, I knew the importance of savings. And I did fairly ok!
God made the plan work out exactly the way I planned it. We had an amazing Christmas & in the new year we packed to a more suitable apartment in an estate.
I replaced suffering with discipline.
The major lesson here for us is, if we can delay temporary gains or benefits, we can reap better rewards by waiting, by also having a solid plan. Discipline should be part of our moral codes.
Uyime & @financialjennifer are two women teaching people how to save money, handle money & invest money. You should follow and consult with them.

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