My mother is a hustler. She’ll find a way to make things happen and she doesn’t give up just like that. She’s also physically strong and hardly tires out, I no carry that one from her, small sun beat me I go Wan faint. Hehe! But if the task has to do with using brain, sense or creativity, I no dey tire.

Well I digress, here’s the real gist. As I said earlier, my mother works hard , she’s no lazy woman. She told me this story of how in her younger days, after secondary school, people start searching for work. She went to a part of Town in Jos city that year, searching for work, some company or office that might need new staff. Well on her way back, her transport fare could not take her home, and trekking back was not an option at all.

She stayed a while in the streets wondering what to do, she sighted a Mallam hawking his goods, she can’t remember what he was selling anymore, but she stopped him and quickly explained her problem, man didn’t ask too much than ask how much she needed, gave her and went his way.

More than 30 years later, I don’t know this man, but when I think of him, I pray for him and wish him good. He may be dead or alive. But his kindness that day, still serves as a currency for him.

When we can, let’s help people, when we can’t help, let’s be kind in behavior.
No need for long talk this sarruday morning, just remember, a single act of kindness can favor you even before God. Don’t be kind for any specific reasons, just be kind for the sake of humanity. Kindness is a language understood by all.

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