Being someone who treats loyalty like a religion as I always say, you won’t doubt it when I like you, when I’m on your side, it will be crystal clear. I don’t take special close people in my life for granted. Or those who have shown me kindness and consideration at any point in the past.

Enemy is a strong word. It means someone who wishes you ill, has done you great wrong in the past without correcting their wrong or apologizing, and will do it again if they can, it means they can harm you without really thinking twice.

So that thing people say about not inheriting someone’s enemy in certain context does not work for me. Because there are some people who just want to use such statements to get away with nonsense two faced behavior. In this life there are certain things you don’t sit on the fence about, you take a clear stand.

If your so called friend is rolling with someone you don’t feel comfortable with, someone who’s done you wrong and you are keeping at arms length, then is that even your friend? Because FRIEND too is a strong word that people just throw around.

Another context is your mother, if you have a good healthy relationship with your Mother, Father or siblings, can you be friends with someone who has wronged them? Because you don’t inherit enemies?

Anyways, I’m just musing, but for me, I can even carry the fight of a random stranger somebody is trying to cheat, abuse or harass on my head, let alone those I care about. I’m not having it. I won’t lie and pretend that doesn’t backfire too. I mean imagine person wey you carry im matter for head come dey do anyhow later. But I’ll keep being that person Sha, even for my own conscience.

So for me, the enemy of my friend in the moment cannot be my friend. If tomorrow something changes, fine. But in the moment, No!

Was reading recently too about ladies who ended up marrying their sister’s husbands or fiancé. Make it make sense, there are desires you will have in this life that if they will cause betrayal or heartbreak for someone else, you kill those desires, because how can you do that to your own blood, are you the devil’s apprentice? 🤔

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