So here is a real life gist for us, that once again proves that THINGS DEY OCCUR.
About two years back, a friend from school days was to get married. When it was time, he kept telling me over the phone, it’s not happening again and he’ll give me the gist.
I’m just hearing the gist when we hung out recently. We will call my friend Friday, the girl he was to marry Juliet and another girl that was liking him Mary. He had told Mary he’s engaged anyways and nothing could happen between them and my friend is very specific about liking dark girls, his personal spec and Mary is fair.
Everything for wedding was ready, but Friday lives in a different city, his fiancée a different State and Mary that likes him, in another state. But Mary knows his fiancée’s name, what she looks like and a few other details, because even though Friday is not dating Mary, they maintain some friendly relations.
One day, Mary calls Friday Hailing him & saying “so you’re a sharp shooter” she revealed that his fiancée had just left her lab to do a pregnancy test. So Juliet traveled to the state Mary lives, maybe to visit family and goes for a pregnancy test in the lab Mary works.
My friend plays along, because he was not aware of all these, not aware of her trip to the state or of any pregnancy, so this was a revelation, he pretended to Mary that he was aware. But from our conversation without getting too personal, he’s not responsible.
He eventually travels to the state his fiancée lives in, calls her to meet him where he lodged, she’s surprised he came in suddenly without telling her. She meets him, he said he wasted no time and asked her straight up as soon as she arrived if she’s pregnant. Madam is shocked, there was no room for lies, she says YES.
She starts to beg, the confession from her mouth was that she visited an ex for final goodbyes. In my head I’m saying “final goodbyes kee you there” as I listen to him. From final goodbyes to pregnancy. He said he simply told her, he’ll make it easy for them both, that he’ll just withdraw quietly, from the whole relationship or wedding plans. Person wey don get extra car wey she go dey use when she joins him in his city after wedding.
Madam still dey beg, started calling everybody there and then to beg him. Is this a ment? I’m asking myself, they should beg him that what exactly?
These are the questions I was asking, beg him that Oga pls marry her with another person’s child inside her? Beg him to still go on with the wedding? Beg him to pretend there is no pregnancy? What is co-relation of the begging to the situation on grand? Was she actually going to pass off someone’s child as his? My head was spinning, it’s easier watching this as a movie than hearing a first hand experience from someone close.
Well, he walked away and said he has no idea what’s going on with her or how things went, whether she had the child or not, he doesn’t know. Now that’s what you call moving on without looking back.
Why would you on your own decide to complicate your life? You are a month or two away from your wedding, you go dey meet ex. Why is it not the ex you are getting married to? Why can’t you stay loyal and responsible? How hard is it to respect your body?
So Mary was just in this picture to serve as the messenger who would reveal key information unintentionally to my friend, otherwise he’ll have ended up in a messed up situation or at least he got to know who she is.
Well as we can see once again, things dey occur. DON’T COMPLICATE YOUR LIFE AND MAKE A MESS OF IT.

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