From time immemorial, when a woman does something deemed as being immoral, she is condemned quite alright, but a man in a similar situation could end up being applauded. Men! Raise your standards. Here’s why.

A lot of young women get unwanted pregnancy today and are being condemned totally. The society places all the blame on the girl and accuse her of being immoral, forgetting that it takes two to tango.

We live in a world where statements such as this; ‘A key who opens many doors is a master key, and any door which can be opened by so many keys, is a useless door.’ , are made and applauded.

Women who sleep around with different men are termed prostitutes and their male counterparts are termed heroic names such as ‘baba for the girls’, ‘chief destroyer’, ‘the master’ etc…

I am not in any way insinuating that women should be applauded for some of their wrong doings, but all I’m trying to point out in essence is the rate at which men are being applauded for doing the wrong things, which now makes evil seem like good, and good as evil. We even live in a society where a virgin male is regarded as a ‘jew man’, and their promiscuous counterparts, the alpha male.

These and many more are the reasons the standard of the men we have today, has dropped so badly. We now have so many cheap men who would jump on any ‘thing’, as far as that thing is putting on a skirt. Men! Where is thy standard?

We have forgotten so soon that what distinguishes a king from his subjects, is the fact the king, to a larger extent, has so much control and wields so much power to control both himself and others around him. Likewise, all men should see themselves as kings, and raise their standards in every aspect of life.

Raising your standards is not about being an egomaniac, it’s about having a healthy level of self respect.

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are; This applies to standards also. The kind of friends you keep as a man, determine to a large extent, how you behave and do things also.

Meeting new people is great. But, if you’re not careful about people who you surround yourself with most of the time, you may get stuck in a mediocre or stereotypical thinking pattern. Don’t lower your standards to fit in with other people, but instead, find people who raise the bar and help you improve.

Men! Stop reacting to temptations. Temptations are immature. They seek the momentary pleasure and disregard the future. You don’t have to always act on your urges. Think with your head most times, rather that thing in between your legs.

Lastly, I would add that you try as much as possible to change your mindset. Stop seeing ladies as sex objects, stop seeing yourselves incapable of self discipline in all aspects of your life and set a defined standard for your life. So that anyone who desires to be a part of your life, must raise their standard bar, to meet yours. Surround yourself with people who accept you, respect you and inspire you to become better, and with time you would be a better man.

Don’t just live life anyhow. Have a good moral code.

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In a world where headlines are often dominated by those who make the wrong choices, people who make the right ones can seem to be rare. However, it feels good to live and work with integrity and, when we become known for this highly valued trait, our lives and our careers can flourish.

What is integrity?
Integrity as defined by the dictionary, is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Integrity also means standing by your word in everything you do.

When we live our lives with integrity, it means that we are always honest, and we let our actions speak for who we are and what we believe in. Integrity is a choice we make, and it’s a choice we must keep making, every moment of our lives.

Living a life of integrity means that we never have to spend time or energy questioning ourselves. When we listen to our heart and do the right thing, life becomes simple, our life, and our actions, are open for everyone to see, and we don’t have to worry about hiding anything.

When we have integrity, we are dependable, and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, we become role models for others to follow.

People who live and work with integrity are more likely to be considered for promotions , because integrity is a hallmark for ethical leadership. Organizations want leaders that they can trust, and when you demonstrate integrity, you show everyone you can be trusted.

How can you develop your integrity?

Developing integrity requires internal honesty, because we can’t be honest with others unless we are honest with ourselves. Integrity allows other people to trust us because they know that we value our commitments and seek to live by them. Here are a few points you need to know to help develop or preserve your integrity.

-Keep your word, and don’t make promises that you know you can’t keep. Speak your thoughts and feelings honestly, never use your words to mask the truth. Rather, make your words be the carrier of truth.

-Always take responsibility for your actions. If you make a mistake, own up to it immediately and do what ever it takes to right the situation.

-Avoid white lies; they may seem harmless, but little lies are still lies. Always tell the truth.

-Analyze deeply, every choice you make; having integrity means that no matter what, you make the right choices, especially when no one is watching.

-Always remember that honesty and integrity aren’t values that you should live by when it’s convenient, but rather values you should live by all the time.

-Let your values be defined; you can’t live by values if you don’t know what you truly believe in. Know your core values. These are values that no matter what happens, you know you’re not going to compromise on.

It only takes a single bad choice to destroy a lifetime’s worth of integrity. So, in all that you do, integrity must always be your watch word.

Live by a Moral Code.

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In our contemporary society today, the indecent ways of dressing adopted by both young men and women alike, has become an ubiquitous mantra, daily romanced by older members of the society, of which the blame is traditionally dumped at the doorsteps of the parents. But come to think of it, who should be responsible for the way you dress? The society? Your parents? The church? The government? The school? Or yourself? Let’s take a critical look at what indecent dressing is, the causes, consequences and ways we could curb or reduce it.

When one dresses inappropriately, like exposing some parts of their body that are meant to remain covered, or puts on an attire that do not suit a particular occasion or environment ( eg putting on bikinis on the street, putting on briefs to a formal gathering etc) , puts on an attire that is discomforting to the eyes of others, all these could be termed as indecent dressing.

The various styles of dressing among many young men and women today, are causing a lot of devastating effects on the moral upbringing of children and youth in the society. It has gotten worse to the extent that even young children are now being influenced by the older ones. More worrying is the fact that most students of higher institutions of learning , who, in no distant future will be writing applications to fill very responsible positions in the running of the society, who, therefore must parade themselves as role models, are themselves deeply rooted in this reprehensible act of indecent dressing.

The covering of our nakedness which is one of the most important reasons for dressing is no longer a thing to remember by the youths of today. Rather, the more naked one is , the more they are accepted among their peers. Infact, if a young man does not expose his boxer shorts, he is not counted among the ‘starboys’ of our society today. Those who dress with their trousers and shorts well tucked in are now referred to as ‘jews’. If a lady has not exposed parts of her thighs, breasts and other sensual parts, she is not ‘slaying’ yet. Quite pitiable it is.

The question that therefore arise is; if the youths are actually the leaders of tomorrow, what would become of our society when they are now at the helm of societal affairs? What can the society do to redress this ugly situation that is set to dwindle our moral values?
Before we can seek for a solution, we must first find out the major reasons why these things are so.

There is a popular saying that ‘charity begins at home’. Unarguably, the first place a child begins to learn morals from, is his home. No matter how bad or corrupt a society is, a child would not succumb to the trend if the home he is from, does not support it. Most parents don’t see anything wrong in the way most of their children dress, so why should they see anything wrong in it themselves?

Our moral and religious standards as a society are all coming to an all time low. Trends which wouldn’t have been accepted way back, are now being accepted today. This has gone a long way in deterriorating the quality of how the youths dress today.
The internet can also be said to be the major breeding ground for these things, as most youths won’t come across these trends in the first place, if there were no internet.

Lastly, i would add that on screen personalities and celebrities are the major originators of these things, as most people would want to copy anything a celebrity does, so as to be seen as them. If a celebrity wears torn jean on screen today, automatically, that becomes a trend tomorrow.

Some of the implications of indecent dressing in the society include rape, promotion of prostitution, it triggers sexual assault, younger ones being influenced by their elder ones they look up to as role models, increase in sexually transmitted diseases due to some of the aforementioned etc.

The way forward from this ugly situation is not also far fetched, as i would suggest that the government put in place stiff punishments for culprits of indecent dressing. The family, religious centers, schools, the media and all other bodies also need to help in the fight against indecent dressing.

In conclusion, I would leave you with this popular statement, ‘dress the way you wish to be addressed’.

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Cohabitation before Marriage; Why you should not!

Years back, cohabiting with one’s significant other before tying the nuptial knot was often times described in derogatory terms and often thought of as immoral. Today, the picture is quite different.

While it is still considered a taboo, so many couples are now living together before getting married, with statistics showing a steady rate of increase in cohabitation over the past 50 years.

The Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary defines cohabitation as the state of living together and having a sexual relationship without being married. While most cohabiting couples would deny the latter part of this definition, living together before marriage naturally signals that a couple is already sleeping together. Which is a violation of the religious proscription against pre-marital sex.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not looking at this basically from the religious point of view alone, because this is a choice that actually transcends any particular religion, and it’s not in my place or any one else’s to condemn two people who love each other , for the lifestyle choices they make , that will affect no one else but them. But morally speaking, cohabitation is something you should never indulge in, and I will tell you why.

If you ask most cohabiting couples why they chose that path, most would say that when you move in with your partner before tying the knot, you get to test out what life will be like sharing the same space. Some say that cohabitation helps you to ‘test run’ your relationship and it is the best way to test your compatibility for marriage. Others even cite the economic benefits such as sharing rent, bills etc , as a motivation for moving in together.

But the truth remains that cohabitation has more cons than pros. Statistics even show that most couples who cohabit before marriage have a 50% more chance of getting divorced in future than those who never did.

Many women see living with their partner as the next step towards getting married. They see it as a sign of how committed their partner is to the relationship. But a wise man once asked a very salient question ‘ why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?’. Most couples end up getting too comfortable with the living arrangement and then don’t see the point of getting married if it feels like they already are.

Another reason why you should not cohabit before marriage is that if you lived together before getting married, you don’t get to experience the newly wed feeling.

For the ladies, cohabitation lowers your self worth in the eyes of your partner, as some may see you as being desperate, loose or even cheap. In fact, most men would not want to marry a woman they lived with before marriage as he would think she cheapened herself by performing marital duties before marriage.

Furthermore, even when couples who cohabited before marriage don’t actually break up, there are a lot of evidences to suggest they are less happy in their marriage, than those who moved in after the wedding. Some research also showed a link between pre-nuptial cohabitation and a decrease in marital satisfaction.

Lastly, I would add that as a result of prematurely ‘locking in’ to one’s lover, people miss out on opportunities to explore better choices and to date those with whom they might have been a better fit.

If you’re going to wait to live together until after you’re engaged, why not hold on a little longer and move in after you must have been joined together fully?

From an objective stand point, it won’t have any negative effect whatsoever on your chances for wedded happiness and longevity. From a subjective one, it will enormously enhance the trans-formative weight of a ritual meant to weld two souls as one.

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